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Information of Workshop “Survival”

Here are a few suggestions for “Workshop Survival”:

1. Financial Survival – Phone A Friend! If you are about to buy what the marketers call a “big-ticket item”, like another workshop that costs thousands of dollars (yes, I’ve done it!), for heaven’s sake phone a friend. Set this arrangement up beforehand, that if you are about to whip out your wallet, you will first whip out your phone and make a call. And no fair using a friend at the workshop! You are both in the same state of elation. As Blair Singer, sales guru says, “When emotion goes up, intelligence goes down.” It’s true of bad love affairs, and it’s true of emotionally-driven financial decisions. Do yourself a favor and phone a friend.

2. Emotional Survival – Specificity is Key! This one’s a little trickier, but just as important. When we go to workshops looking for personal growth as a generality, we are on shakier ground than are those who are going to get a particular business skill. Why? It’s all in the specificity. I have attended many workshops that sounded good to me – that seemed to be about the general direction I wanted to travel – and while there I got so swept up in the excitement and encouragement, I went ahead and invested in the next workshop, and the next. But when I returned home, each time, there was no notable change in my day-to-day life. Why? I hadn’t been specific enough. And while sometimes you can’t be specific – because you are looking for a direction like you look for a light switch in a dark room – the more you can take a practical look at your life and see how this workshop information would be applicable in your life right now, you will have a much better chance of bringing your “wings” home with you when you leave the workshop.

3. Business Survival – Fine Print and Fast Search! It’s the very, very last thing you want to do, but read the contract before you sign it. Also, hit the computer with a Google search for the business name and the workshop name that you are thinking of investing in. I once invested in a training that turned out to be a swindle, and the minute I Googled it (after having invested, so I then had to fight to get my money back, which takes time, effort, and aggravation), I saw that the first option at the top of the suggested searches was the name of the training, coupled with the word “scam”. There are lots of people who cry “Scam!” about all kinds of trainings and workshops, and not all of those claims are true. But some of them are. So do your search and get educated. The payoff goes beyond information and straight to empowerment. Now you are holding the power about your decisions in your own hands, rather than handing that power over to the workshop leader, the trainer, or the universe.

When we attend workshops, we are going with the idea of learning something that will advance us in life. But the more powerful the workshop, the more powerful the uplift, the more educated the marketing, and the more tempting the offers. So keep the wings, and if you start with your feet on the ground and employ some helpful and grounded techniques while you’re in that powerful training, you’ll be feeling and practically employing that empowerment and uplift when you get home.