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All about Business Mentorship Programs

When we enter the business arena we are expected to learn by trial and error – going from one scenario to another gaining experience that eventually culminates in our becoming successful in our own right.

Cinao Business Mentors through their 3 module programme introduces you to the business world. We have identified 12 common areas of our modern companies that once “overstood” equip us to be an integral component of a progressive and exciting quality based 8 hours per day. The 3 modules are 1: foundation, 2: flexi, 3: integration.

The crème de la crème of the commercial world is to obtain an MBA. This is supposed to equip you to be able to run a successful company. The majority of people are left out of the loop and do not have any insights into the actual workings of these companies. They do not perceive themselves as to be an integral component thus excluding themselves from being a part of the whole.

To have the “human capital” contribute to the parts of the whole they have to “overstand ” the 12 hubs of engagement……. be bold and brave……

These are the 1: the idea, 2: product or service, 3: marketing, 4: finance,
5: procurement, 6: premises, 7: operations, 8: human capital, 9: electronic hubs, 10: legal, 11: training and re-evaluation, 12th :nett profit.

The hubs are all complimentary to each other. As people become acquainted with the hubs they will be able to move freely making more creative decisions and contributing towards the bottom line exponentially. We use a no frills approach and language that is used on a daily basis to explain the synergies between the hubs.

Each hub is allocated 10 points evaluating the depth of knowledge and overstanding of the hub. As we progress through the hubs we accumulate a maximum of 120 points. The tally can be individually assessed every day and collectively forwarded to the department heads on a daily basis. Due to it’s simplicity it can be implemented at a very basic stage for general staff and as you go up the ladder of accountability the flexi and integration are implemented.

At a strategic level it is important for the line managers and executive to be kept up to date as to the heartbeat of the business. This indicates the cash flow and retained earnings needed to maintain the business on a profitable path. Can’t is not an option has been adopted by us. If it cannot be measured it cannot be monitored and guided..